About Us

Mission Statement:

Royal Weed Control’s mission is to consistently and economically provide the highest quality weed control services for our customers.

About Us

Royal Weed Control was founded in August of 2004.   At Royal Weed Control, we strive to give our customers the quality work we would expect at our homes.  Our family owned and operated business is built on the ideals that in many cases are hard to find in this day and age. Respect, gratitude and honesty are driving forces at Royal Weed Control.

We provide services related to the control of weeds in all kinds of landscapes.  We provide services to residential as well as commercial property.  We are licensed by the state of Arizona to apply herbicides for weed control purposes.  In the years since starting this company we have engineered a proprietary blend of chemicals that works on most weeds that grow in Tucson landscapes.  This chemical blend contains pre-emergent and post-emergent chemicals


Richard Turney

Richard is a native Tucsonan who grew up on Tucson’s far east side. He went to Northern Arizona University where he received a Bachelors of Science in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. After college he worked in Tucson and Phoenix for fortune 500 companies until he contracted Valley Fever. After his year long recovery he broke into the weed control business locally to learn this trade. After 4 years of training with another company, Richard decided to start Weed King LLC.

With the help and support of family Royal Weed Control was born in 2004. Through many trials, Richard has developed a proprietary weed control mixture that is suited for all of our landscapes, plants, weather and soil compositions. This business has evolved to encompass the manufacturing of herbicide application equipment, residential weed control service, commercial weed control service and vegetation consulting services.

G. William “Bill” Turney

Bill was first exposed to the customer service business at a very young age. When he was about eight years old he was in his dad’s service truck traveling through out southern Iowa as his dad serviced his clients in the dairy business. His dad sold, installed and serviced the equipment that the farmers used to milk their dairy cows. His family moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Iowa in 1957. Bill went to work for Xerox Corporation in 1964 and three years later became a service manager.

He moved to Tucson in 1976 and was General Manager of Customer Service for Southern Arizona until his retirement in 1999. Bill and his wife of 51 years spent their early retirement years traveling. When Richard started his weed control business in 2004 he asked Bill to come out of retirement and join him. Bill has been in the customer service business in various capacities for all of his adult life and uses his experience and skills to serve our customers.

BBB A+ Accredited Business

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